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With field-proven installations in over 120 different armored vehicle platforms in more than 60 armies, Beth-El is a very experienced, reliable and capable supplier of CBRN- Filtration and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System for these applications.

Beth-El Industries custom-designs and manufactures a broad range of solutions for each platform specific space constraints, air flow requirements, power source and environmental needs. These systems are installed in a wide variety of vehicles: wheeled or tracked, from light armored vehicles to main battle tanks and from utility tucks to armored personal carriers, protecting vehicle crews from 2 to 24 or more persons, providing pure breathing air at comfortable temperature and humidity, and a dust-free environment for the electronic equipment..

Clean air is essential not only for people. Dust and fine sand shorten the life of the sophisticated electronic equipment installed in modern vehicles. All Beth-El vehicle systems contain high efficiency filtration stages that prevent practically all particles from entering the compartment, while also extending the life of the CBRN filter.

In addition to CBRN filtration with or without air conditioning, Beth-El can integrate into its systems a unique and proprietary unit that removes carbon monoxide (CO) from the air intake. CO is a very toxic gas that is formed by shooting weapons of the vehicle itself.

While each system is adapted to its specific platform, a lot of systems share similar components which simplifies logistics and maintainability, and significantly reduces life cycle costs. It is also one of the reasons behind Beth-El systems’ outstanding reliability, as these components have been tried, tested and proven in dozens of platforms, many of them in real combat situations.

All Beth-El systems are certified to comply with relevant MIL and NATO standards for CBRN performance, EMI/RFI emission, shock and vibrations endurance, as well as with other demanding standards such as those from Germany, India, Singapore, Israel and others.

Having all critical technologies and capabilities in-house ensures products uncompromising quality and enables Beth-El to provide its customers worldwide with that long-term support and commitment they expect for the long service life of military platforms.

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