Slide Portable isolation chambers and stretchers

IsoArk Isolation Systems

isolation stretcher for Abola a mobile biological Filtration System that provides the best available filtration against contagious diseases IsoArk C-36 isolation unit full picture IsoArk C-36 isolation unit for hospitals IsoArk quick mount Isolation Chamber and stretcher (Ebola, Coronavirus / COVID-19)
isolation chamber for bed
type Iso Ark C-36
For temporary isolation
of an infected person
mobile isolation chamber
type Iso Ark N-36 7
For moving and isolating
an infected person
air filtration system
type fa 300 hs
Air flow rate:
300 m³/h
air filtration system
type fa 2000 hsz
Air flow rate up to:
2200 m³/h
an isolated corona patient in an isoark isolation chamber
enabling the medical team
to work in safe environment

IsoArk Isolation Systems – Portable Chambers & Stretchers

The IsoArk Portable Isolation Chambers are designed for rapid setup of an infectious, biologically isolated area from the environment outside the chamber. The systems meet and easily exceed today’s standards for airborne infectious isolation, including the 2003 CDC guidelines for health care infection control. Other applications may include postal screening, workplace safety in harmful dust environments, and temporary laboratory work (Ebola, Corona virus / COVID-19).

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