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Beth-El NBC & CBRN Filtration Systems

Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd. is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of ventilation and CBRN filtration systems (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear). Blast protection, dust filtration, and medical isolation systems are also represented in Beth-El’s product portfolio.

Beth-El systems are exported to more than 80 countries worldwide, to civil defence, military and governmental / homeland security markets, as well as to private customers and to the medical field, including solutions that are being used for the recent Ebola outbreak.

With a track record of tens of thousands of units, both in the civilian and military sectors, Beth-El is one of the largest and most experienced companies in its field.

Product manufacture is according to the highest standards; Beth-El is certified for ISO 9001, AS 9100, AQAP-2110, and MANHAR LEVEL A quality management systems.

For any questions or enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

CBRN Protection and Filtration Product Categories

CBRN Building and Infrastructure Protection Systems

Beth-El designs and manufactures air handling units for safely handling building air flow, high performing CBRN (Nuclear, Biological, Radiological, Chemical) protection systems, and unhardenened infrastructure such as NBC protected indoor tents and cabinet shelters.
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Collective Protection for Bomb Shelters and Bunkers

Beth El has produced colpro (collective protection) 24/7 capable NBC protection, filtration and blast protection systems for bomb shelters and critical infrastructure for over 30 years. All Beth-El systems are fully certified and carry the highest ratings possible for safety, efficiency, and durability.
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NBC-Protection Systems for Safe Rooms

Rainbow 36 NBC systems protect small safe rooms by pulling air from outside the protected space through a blast valve, creating an overpressure inside the protected space, which keeps unwanted toxins from entering the protected area.
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Vehicle NBC Protection Systems

Vehicle protection systems include sand & dust filtration systems, NBC protection, carbon monoxide (CO) catalysts, combined complete environmental protection, air conditioning systems, tear gas filtration, agricultural filtration, engine air cleaners, & precision fuel pumps.
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Ship Protection and Filtration Systems

Beth-El Industries produces custom air conditioning systems for ships and other vessels, integrating NBC filtration systems to create complete environmental protection. The NBC system incorporates a highly efficient cyclone-filter, a prefilter, and NBC filtration to remove toxins from the air.
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CBRN Tent & Field Camp Protection

Beth-El designs and produces military tents and field posts, including sand, dust, and CBRN contaminant protection systems, air conditioning, and accessories, such as portable toilets, trailer systems, & generators.
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NBC Container Protection Systems

Air filtration (dust & fine dust), NBC protection systems, & air conditioning systems for containers are produced by Beth-El to ensure that personnel and sensitive equipment have a clean, controlled environment to operate in safely.
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Medical Isolation Systems

Enabling the rapid setup of a biologically isolated area, IsoArk negative pressure portable isolation chambers can accommodate one or more people, or be custom fit to the inside of a vehicle or ambulance.
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Mobile Cleanrooms

Beth-El produces positive pressure isolation and containment systems (cleanrooms) used for patients with immunodeficiency, in burn-care units, remote surgical sites, highly sensitive workplaces, or for temporary laboratory work.
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